Immensity Of The Territory

Co-produced by  Studio d’en Haut, Anthony Taillard’s association, and abs(.)humImmensity Of The Territory stages the icons symbolizing the American dream through a singular installation involving music, video and sound installation. On stage, the musicians remotely control from computers a guitar body on which are implanted motors, sensors, automated bottlenecks, electromagnets… A mix up of sound samples gathered during two road trips, prepared guitars and bass, and electronic music enter into a dialogue vast American landscapes screenings. On the road, wide open spaces, deserts, fragments of roaming as Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas or Jim Jarmush’s Stranger Than Paradise. Immensity Of The Territory has been presented more than 30 times in festivals, theaters and movie theaters.

After those two road-trips, the project has taken various directions :

As a show :
The abs(.)hum guitar at the center of the stage, the three musicians on the sides, the pictures and videos screening on the background. The flexible sets are created as an organization of  ten minutes “sequences”.  The sound, music and radio univers, composed and improvised, is colored by rock, repetitive, concrete, experimental and traditionnal music. On stage, the recorded sounds are played live, as well as accoustic and electric guitars, in order to recreate the soundtrack on the screening of their own movie. Mixing western, road movie and nouvelle vague references, Immensity of the Territory invites the audience to an inner journey accorded with its own visions of America.

As a video music installation :
The videographer Isabelle Dehay has given to the pictures a much more spectacular dimension, with a projection on multi-screens, the use of splitscreen and the making of dynamic pictures.The abs(.)hum guitar remains at the center of the stage, with a twelve strings folk guitar. Both directed by computer, the guitars play in loop (half an hour) the musical accompaniment of the soundtrack which is spacialised in quadriphony.
This installation has been exhibited at the Quai (national stage of Angers), where it has been created, in  version for three projectors and 14X4m screen. In order to adapt to various places, the screens positioning is flexible, depending on the  performance space.

As an exhibition :
Further to the shows and installation, we offer the possibility to set an exhibitions with large format photographies.

Some stage references : les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), festival Nuit Blanche (Paris), Festival Nuit d’hiver (Marseille), festival Résonances (St-Nazaire), Festival SONOR (Nantes), Pannonica (Nantes), festival Musiques de rue (Besançon), festival Tribu (Dijon), festival Muzzix (Lille), festival Farniente (Pornichet), Penn Ar Jazz (Brest), la Factory (Pau), Festival Sonore (Brest), Festival Revox (Marseille), Festival Electricity (Reims), Le Quai (Angers) …