Music For Trees #1 : Abstract figuration


The project Music For Threes was born from the invitation of painter Cyrille Borgnet to Anthony Taillard about presenting a work during one of his exhibitions in 2005. The paintings exhibited showed the first trees, recurrent theme since then in Cyrille Borgnet’s work. The way he sees this collaboration represents an axis of development of experimental music for Anthony Taillard : the sound pieces are interpretations of selected paintings, thus becoming graphic scores. Thanks to their long term friendship, the two artists have followed the works of each other since their beginnings, these transversal perspective have feed both of them.


Music for trees #1 Abstract figuration

Exhibition at Art Génération Gallery, Paris, July 10th 2005

First collaboration of the serie, Abstract Figuration can be seen as the manifesto of this interpretation work.  The pictoral work “Figuration abstraite” is a triptych made of three pieces 100×100. Although the musical piece itself is composed in three parts, it cannot be viewed in linear terms. The first movement (still) who represents half of the total duration, can be seen as an invitation to get immersed into the entire composing materials (pictoral and musical).  The abrupt break that marks the second part seems to recall the sharp divisions between the three canvases (that can also be positioned differently). The last part, in its melodic aspect, reveals the figurative nature of the three and brings back the look on the triptych, making reappearing the note that has started the piece, and on which it’s based.